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This coat

45 EUR

Black and white item, printed in Europe on Hahnemüle FineArt Paper.
Edition of 30 prints. Each print is signed with pencil.

Screenprint (Black and white), 40 × 30 cm (11.8 x15.7 inches), 300gsm Hahnemüle FineArt Paper.

Shipped in a strong flat envelope with cardboard.


Léa Soumali is a French illustrator and graphic designer living and working in Paris. After graduating from École de Condé Lyon in communication in 2008, Léa developed an art direction studio in Lyon and her own graphic design office in Paris. Léa's minimalist illustrations are mainly design in black and white.
To contact Léa, please write an e-mail to You can follow Léa’s work on her Instagram account ( Her website